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Narrative Medicine

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Narrative Medicine is an experiential discipline that is predicated on the fact that illness and the care of patients occurs in the context of three types of stories: stories that patients and families tell us, stories that health caring professionals tell each other, and stories that we tell ourselves. These stories are the way human beings make sense of their lives and convey meaning about them, especially the deeply emotional, lived experiences of life. These stories inform us about the suffering our patients and we ourselves encounter. 

Our Narrative Medicine program turns to the arts and humanities to help us learn to read these stories we encounter every day. The exercises help us to reflect, discuss and write about the experiences that enrich us and challenge us. In so doing we provide a space to examine, feel and process reactions to events that affect us as individuals and health care practitioners, such as racial disparities and injustice posed by that, and the far-reaching impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. 

The sessions are a refreshment in our week, keep us connected to our original motivations to care, and advances our professional growth. The creativity and imagination deployed help participants cultivate habits that prophylax against burnout and waning enthusiasm. 


1. Monthly Narrative Medicine Session for residents during Thursday didactics. 

2. Monthly drop-in session that is open to the entire institution. (Virtual program currently) 

3. Monthly posting in the WSMG President’s Briefing. 

4. Regular Narrative Medicine Post via email to entire THFPC Team. 

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