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POCUS Curriculum 

We are so excited to announce the implementation of our longitudinal POCUS Curriculum to our residency! For years, point-of-care ultrasound has been gaining more and more popularity among different medical specialties, and the value of POCUS in clinical decision-making has been extensively demonstrated. Only recently has family medicine residencies been introduced to POCUS and in 2018, the American Academy of Family Physicians published its first guideline on POCUS curriculum. The guideline is unique among various other residency specialties curricula in that it illustrates the broad depth of family medicine knowledge, and in concert, the large variety of POCUS skills that are recommended to be covered. 

We as faculty believe strongly that POCUS will become a fundamental clinical skill for all future family medicine physicians. Having the ability to add POCUS to the office visit will improve patient access, increase the diagnostic and therapeutic repertoire of the physician, and improve patient and physician satisfaction at each visit. To maximize resident experience and exposure to POCUS, our plan is to implement a longitudinal curriculum that spans each resident’s entire training period. 

The longitudinal curriculum will implement two state-of-the-art POCUS products that have been shown to optimize learning. The two products that will be implemented in this longitudinal curriculum can be found below: 


SonoSim Ultrasound Training Solution        Sonosim Logo           

This is a breakthrough product that overcomes longstanding barriers to ultrasound education. ItSonosim complements clinical training by providing remote hands-on ultrasound training, didactic instruction, and assessment. You as a resident will have access to the world’s largest library of actual POCUS patient cases with a broad spectrum of normal and real pathologic conditions. With this software, you will receive immediate probe-positioning guidance and expert feedback while scanning real-patient cases. 

Butterfly Ultrasound Probe 

We are excited to have the ability to provide for our residents access to this state-of-the-art,Butterfly 2 handheld, whole-body ultrasound probe. The Butterfly software allows access to an intuitive, touch-based interface that allows the user to select between over fifteen different clinical presets and four different imaging modes that include B-mode, M-mode, Color Doppler, and Power Doppler. With the application, the resident will get AI-automated guidance and calculations for bladder and obstetric assessment, line placement, and more! 

ButterflyIt is our goal to marry these two ultrasound training platforms together to provide the most robust POCUS curriculum offered. The curriculum will allow the foundational building blocks of POCUS to be acquired through SonoSim that will then translate to a level of proficiency and confidence for the resident to begin using a real-time POCUS probe that will be utilized in the outpatient clinical setting. 

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