WellSpan Medical Education

Leadership & Faculty

James A. Nicholson, M.D., M.S.C.E.

Undergraduate: Earlham College
Medical School:  University of Pennsylvania
Residency: Duke University Medical Center/Family Practice
Current Position: Director of Family Medicine Obstetrics & Core Family Medicine Faculty

I grew up in the western suburbs of Philadelphia, but I went to college in Indiana (1973-1977) and have lived/practiced in North Carolina (1981-1984), Northeastern Connecticut (1984-1997), in Philadelphia (at PENN 1977-1981 and1997-2012) and in central Pennsylvania (at Penn State/Hershey 2012-2018). I joined Wellspan on New Year's Eve 2018. I am a Family Physician and enjoy taking care of all types of folks. The academic focus of my career has been family-centered maternity care including a long-standing search for better methods of term pregnancy management. I have published series of major journal articles and have given medical lectures in dozens of USA venues and in six different countries. I am interested in the study of the management of term pregnancy (37 weeks gestation and beyond) - with particular attention to mother and baby outcomes (rates of cesarean delivery, neonatal intensive care unit admission, stillbirth, cost of care). My interest in this research is ongoing. Dr. Nicholson has authored numerous peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals including BJOG, AJOG, JAMA, among others. He has national and international reputation in researching preventative induction of labor and still birth prevention. He is frequently invited in national Still Birth conference and Society or Maternal and Fetal Medicine When not working I can sometimes be found gardening, playing/watching soccer (futbol - "the beautiful game"), playing my viola, or visiting my family's cabin in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey (no electricity, plumbing or landlines). I also like to visit my children, grandchildren, and a variety of other family members. I try to keep up with several woodpiles, I like to think about fishing (don't get out much anymore) and enjoy watching my children play on various college sports teams (live streaming of college sporting events are now commonly available).

Sukhjeet Kamboj, MD Interim Program Director
Nicole Pfaff Behavioral Science Education Specialist
Regina Singh Residency Program Coordinator
Sheyla Garcia-Cordero Residency Program Coordinator
Laila Younes, M.D. Core Family Medicine Faculty
Syed M. Atif, M.D. Core Family Medicine Faculty
James A. Nicholson, M.D., M.S.C.E. Director of Family Medicine Obstetrics & Core Faculty
Jason Assalita, D.O. Faculty Osteopathic Family Medicine & Core Faculty
Kaylette Jenkins, D.O. Faculty Osteopathic Family Medicine & Core Faculty
David Martin, D.O. Family Medicine Preceptor
Fauzan Ahmed, M.D. Family Medicine Preceptor
Haley Ryan, D.O. Family Medicine Preceptor
Mark Goedecker, M.D. Family Medicine Preceptor
Victoria A. Brown, M.D. Family Medicine Preceptor
W. Thomas Merchant, D.O. Family Medicine Preceptor
Elizabeth Muhiire-Ntaki, MD Medical Director of Quality & Innovation
Paul A. Botros, M.D. Site Director 4th Street Clinic & Core Faculty
Nicholas A. Buckwalter, M.D. Site Director ELCO Clinic & Core Faculty

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