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Teaching Conferences

IMG 9931We offer a full range of didactic sessions in our program. For our residents on “x” weeks (i.e., not in continuity clinic), didactic sessions run Tuesdays-Fridays from 12-2PM. Primarily in-person, we have occasional remote guest lecturers as well.

Noon Conference:  Presented largely by core and subspecialty faculty, the noon conference series seeks to cover core internal medicine curriculum over the course of a resident’s three years in the program.  The curriculum is organized by month (for example, September is focused on cardiology, October is focused on rheumatology, etc.).

Case Conference:  Residents present clinical cases in an interactive fashion, with a core faculty facilitator.  The focus can be on diagnosis, management, complications or other aspects of a disease process or symptom complex.

Patient Safety Conference:  Monthly conference that features a clinical case with focus on principles of patient safe.  Similar in some ways to the traditional morbidity and mortality conference, but with focus on defining and attempting to ameliorate system-based sources of error.

Tissue-Based Pathology Conference:  Monthly conference in which a resident presents a case in which a formal tissue diagnosis was made.  A staff pathologist attends and leads review of the tissue samples.

Shedding Light on the Night:  A monthly retrospective clinical reasoning session where residents have the opportunity to reflect on their diagnostic and therapeutic decisions for patients that they admitted while on night float.

MKSAP Review:  Once or twice per month, a faculty member will review MKSAP questions with the residents.

Board Review:From August through June, we run a weekly one-hour session based on the ACP’s Board Review Curriculum primarily intended to help PGY3 residents as they prepare for the boards (though all are welcome to attend).

For our residents on “y” weeks (continuity clinic week), we utilize an academic half-day (Wednesday afternoons) to provide didactic education regarding outpatient medicine. Topics include:

Yale Office-Based Medicine Curriculum: A comprehensive, literature/evidence-based curriculum that helps residents learn outpatient medicine by working through clinical cases with precepting attendings.

Journal Club: Residents develop the important skills of review and appraisal of the primary medical literature.

Rapid Review: Patterned after the American College of Physician’s very popular Multiple Small Feedings of the Mind sessions, Rapid Review teaches bite-sized evidence-based medicine about common yet challenging topics in outpatient medicine.

Outpatient Case Conference: Similar to inpatient Case Conference but focused on an outpatient case.

Medical Jeopardy: Cohorts of residents compete in medical Jeopardy games—the results help to decide the year-end winners of the Cohort Cup!

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