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Emergency Medicine Medical Student Ultrasound Rotation

Ultra Sound Rotation 1


Welcome to our Emergency Medicine Medical Student Ultrasound Rotation! This program is designed for medical students in their fourth year who are eager to develop their skills and knowledge in ultrasound. Our team of experienced emergency medicine and ultrasound fellowship trained faculty members offer a dynamic and immersive learning experience. Our faculty members bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise to the program, ensuring that you receive top-quality education and mentorship.

Through a combination of hands-on training and didactic sessions, you will gain proficiency in various ultrasound applications, including FAST, cardiac, vascular, musculoskeletal, and abdominal ultrasound. Our faculty will guide you through practical sessions, providing personalized feedback and support to help you refine your scanning skills and interpretation of ultrasound images. Our didactic sessions will cover the fundamental principles of ultrasound physics, image acquisition, and interpretation. This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only develop the technical skills but also gain a solid understanding of the underlying principles.

By the end of this rotation, you will have a strong foundation in emergency ultrasound, empowering you to make informed diagnostic decisions and provide high-quality patient care. Whether you plan to specialize in emergency medicine or pursue any other medical field, the skills and knowledge gained from this rotation will be valuable throughout your career.

Ultrasound Rotation 2


    1. Attend Ultrasound conferences scheduled on Mondays.
    2. Perform at least 50 ultrasound scans on patients during bedside scanning shifts.
    3. Monthly Medical Student Ultrasound Day (also held on a Monday) with dedicated lectures, workshops, and hands-on sessions to enhance your understanding and skills of emergency ultrasound.
    4. In addition to the ultrasound-specific conferences, you are encouraged to attend emergency medicine conferences scheduled on Thursday mornings.

Join us for an enriching experience in our Emergency Medicine Medical Student Ultrasound Rotation and take a significant step towards becoming a proficient and confident ultrasound practitioner.

Scheduling Information
Months offered: All months
Students Per Period: up to 3
Duration: 4 weeks

How to Apply
Medical Students: www.wellspanmedicaleducation.org/student-programs/rotation-request/
Residents: Email interest in rotation to the contacts below

Contact information
Medical students:  Carrie Downey - cdowney3@wellspan.org
Residents: Becky Bluett - rbluett@wellspan.org

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