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Medical Student EM Toxicology Rotation

Medical and Pharmacy Student and Resident Medical Toxicology Elective



We have 3 medical toxicologists at our institution who are all emergency medicine physicians and fellowship-trained medical toxicologists. Medical toxicologists care for patients who have experienced intentional or inadvertent exposures to pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical medications or drugs, environmental exposures (plants, venoms, other elements), and other potential hazardous material exposures. The purpose of this elective is to learn more about these exposures and how to evaluate and manage those who need treatment. We will teach ways to integrate pharmacology, pathophysiology, and clinical medicine. Bedside consults and other educational content will be used to provide a well-rounded rotation experience for the learner.

Learners will obtain a better understanding of the evaluation and management of the poisoned patient. Full list of objectives is outlined in the syllabus.

First Day Information
See welcome packet email after elective is scheduled.

Responsibilities During Elective

  1. Be available for consults between 8 am and 5 pm on weekdays (excluding holidays of observance)
  2. Attend EM conference on Thursday mornings (exceptions may apply depending on the learner)
  3. Medical students will participate in the student education on Thursdays with the EM students
  4. Provide a 10-minute presentation by the final week of the elective
  5. Participate in daily educational activities outlined in syllabus

Method of Evaluation
Grading will be based on clinical advancement during the elective and the presentation given at the end.

Scheduling Information
Months offered: All months
Students Per Period: Varies based on overlap and level of learners
Duration: 4 weeks

How to Apply
Medical Students www.wellspanmedicaleducation.org/student-programs/rotation-request/
Residents – email interest in rotation to the contacts below

Contact Information
Medical students
: Carrie Downeycdowney3@wellspan.org
Residents: Becky Bluettrbluett@wellspan.org
Pharmacy students or residents: Michelle Hiegermhieger@wellspan.org

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