WellSpan Medical Education

Curriculum & Rotations

Clinical Experience

Our residency program uses a cycle of thirteen 4 week blocks per year. The required rotations are organized as follows:

WellSpan York Hospital WellSpan York Hospital WellSpan York Hospital
ED Orientation 4 weeks ED 28 weeks ED 40 weeks
ED 24 weeks Trauma/SICU 8 weeks Administrative 4 weeks
Trauma/General Surgery 4 weeks EMS/Research* Longitudinal Elective** 4 weeks


2 weeks Procedures 4 weeks
Ultrasound 4 weeks



2 weeks

2 weeks

Medical ICU (MICU) 4 weeks  Chambersburg Hospital
Medical ICU (MICU) 8 weeks     Rural ED 4 weeks
Anesthesia 4 weeks Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ** Established Electives: Ultrasound, Education, Research, Wilderness Medicine, International, etc.
Ultrasound 1 week Pediatric ED

4 weeks


* Aeromedical experience available



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